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Hello Everyone

      My name is Brad Bouchard and I wanted to share with you a little bit about the man behind the business.  I grew up in Black Creek and I originally started Brad Bouchard Painting as a way to pay my way through University in Victoria.  After five years of the challenging combination of being a student and entrepreneur I graduated from the University of Victoria with my Bachelor of Science Degree, Major in Kinesiology.  However, during those years I discovered I truly enjoyed being a business owner and making people's homes beautiful with my own two hands.  That is when I made my decision to continue running the painting company as a full time career, and have never looked back. 


At 30 years old and I am proud to have served the wonderful people of Vancouver Island for over 10 years.  I stayed in Victoria until early 2018 when I moved back to the North Island and now provide painting service to the wonderful people of Campbell River and the Comox Valley.  I recently married my beautiful wife Tarraneh Bouchard and we have a wonderful newborn baby boy Vaelin Bouchard.  We enjoy what free time we can find by going camping, hiking, fishing and adventuring with our dog Titan.  My company is a small home grown business that always puts the client first, and you will without a doubt discover that from the moment we meet.  Thanks for having a quick read!

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