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Call 250-201-2723 or Email for a FREE estimate.
Before Pictures

A small sample of some before pictures to showcase the amazing work Brad and his team do on a regular basis.

After Pictures

A small sample of some after pictures to really express the quality and fine craftsmanship Brad and his team bring to every job.

The Brad Bouchard Painting Experence

Quality, Convenience, Trust.

Step 1: The estimate.

     First, through a phone call or email, we will set up a time to meet at your project.  This will give us a chance to talk in person as well as take a look at the project you are about to undergo.  During this time, we will discuss the details of the job including: the various prep and painting methods required, the estimated duration of the project, colours, price, and scheduling.  At the end of the estimate I will provide an official quote summarizing the details we discussed.  You then have the option to book into the schedule right away, or look it over for a few days.

Step 2: Your job is done!

     Yup, that’s right, after deciding colours and that you want Brad Bouchard Painting to complete your project, your job is finished and ours begins.  Leave us a key, garage door code or house code, and go about your day as normal.  We will bring the paint, materials, and tools required to set up, prep, paint, take down and clean up.  Each day will end with an organized clean up to leave you stress free throughout the project, and at the end it will be like we were never there…except for the brand-new paint job!

Step 3: Final walk around and pictures!

     Lastly, we do a final walk around to look for touch ups and fix anything that might have been missed; sign off on the estimate form to activate your two-year warranty; and then compare before and after pictures!  

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     Brad Bouchard Painting is built upon the three pillars of Quality, Convenience, and Trust.  We achieve the highest Quality of paint jobs through extensive prep work, high end products, and always taking the time to do it right the first time.  We strive for absolute Convenience of our clients.  You will always come first -  time frames; colours; plants; sleep schedules; absolutely everything will be taken into consideration to make sure your project is comfortable from the start till the end.  And lastly …. Trust.  Campbell River is a small town where word gets around, and Brad Bouchard Painting has been built on trust, referrals, and repeat clients.  Nothing makes us happier than a job well done and a happy client that will brag about us to the rest of the town.  If you have any questions or concerns or would like a free estimate, please do not hesitate to call or email.  Thanks for having a read.

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